Transforming Lives in Washington, D.C. Through Behavioral Therapy

Are you looking to make lasting changes in your life? Behavioral therapy at Marina Barbosa PsychHealth may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Our practice in Washington D.C. is dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve lasting change and growth. Marina Barbosa is a classically trained behavior psychologist who specializes in behavior change and habit development and offers a highly engaged therapeutic approach.

Active and Engaged Behavioral Therapy Sessions

Too many people have tried talk therapy only to be left disappointed. If you’re looking for a behavioral therapist who will engage you and challenge your assumptions about therapy, our practice is the one for you. Our approach goes beyond just listening; we focus on actionable steps, behavior change, and habit development. As a result, many of our clients have found success with us where traditional approaches fell short.

Our Comprehensive Behavioral Therapy Services

Our practice in Washington D.C. offers a range of specialized behavioral therapy services catered to young professionals who are seeking transformative change. Turn to us for:

Most of our services are available virtually to accommodate those with busy schedules.

Transform Your Life Through Behavioral Therapy

If you're seeking effective behavioral therapy to tackle stress, anxiety, trauma, or other challenges, our practice is here for you. Take the first step toward lasting change today by contacting Marina Barbosa PsychHealth in Washington D.C. to schedule an appointment.