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Marina Barbosa

M.Ed-Psy, M.A. MHW, LPC

An experienced psychology professional, author, educator, and speaker with a background in mental health counseling, educational psychology, and behavior change.

Psychology Professional, Mental Health Counselor, and Author.

Marina Barbosa is a psychology professional with 20 collective years' experience in learning and behavior psychology, psychology research and education, mental health counseling, and community-based practice.

Marina is the author of Trapped: My True Story of Medication Mania, a memoir and medical mystery highlighting her experiences as a psychiatric patient in the early 2000s. Marina is a passionate and engaged public speaker who has facilitated speaking events for Chapman University; Argosy University; Azusa Pacific University; National Suicide Prevention efforts, and local workshops for city and county officials.

Ms. Barbosa's education includes an undergraduate degree in psychology, a master’s degree in both educational psychology and counseling for mental health and wellness, and a credentialing course in applied behavior analysis. Ms. Barbosa has, throughout the years, been awarded local and national honors for her studies in psychology as well as humanitarian efforts.

In her early career Marina focused on learning and behavior psychology as a catalyst for skill development in children. Marina is currently a mental health counselor for individuals of all ages, specializing in supporting women and young adults. Providing a variety of wellness-based services through Georgetown Psychology in Washington D.C. that support clients as they enhance their mental health and increase their quality of life. 

Trapped: My True Story of Medication Mania

My True Story of Medication Mania is a memoir and medical mystery blended into one thrilling account of actual events. You can find Trapped: My True Story of Medication Mania on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble

Psychology professional Marina Barbrosa held a secret. There was a time in her life when she was labeled clinically insane. As a young adult, fresh out of college, she had battled a life-threatening mental illness that was so severe she almost did not survive her own dangerous and increasingly bizarre behaviors. Eventually she regained her sanity and lived successfully for many years without medication. Believing she had beaten her illness, she forged ahead, leaving the traumatic events of her past behind, until a frightening chance encounter brought forth a rush of memories that would change her life forever...

With the help of a trauma therapist and her hospital records, Marina uncovers the full truth behind her descent into madness. She found her diagnosis was more complicated than presumed, and the events of her past more terrifying than she had known. Join Marina on a raw emotional journey into and through mental illness, learning key facts about mental health along the way. Readers will see mental illness in a new light, and with a new awareness that will leave them questioning what they thought they knew.


Marina grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California. Today, she lives on the east coast and works as a mental health professional, specializing in counseling for high-functioning anxiety. Marina is an award winning public speaker who uses her platform to educate and advocate for psychological health and well-being, and psychiatric patient advocacy. "Trapped: My True Story of Medication Mania" is her first book. It is a reflection of her life's events from 2004 to 2007, and chronicles the gripping medical mystery of psychiatric illness which unfolded years later.