Trained Internal Family Systems Therapist in Washington, D.C.

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Are you hoping to achieve inner balance and cultivate an environment of self-awareness and compassion within yourself? An Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapist may be able to help. At Marina Barbosa PsychHealth, we strive to empower individuals like yourself throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area to lead more authentic, fulfilling lives through psychotherapy methods like IFS. If you’re ready to tackle your weaknesses and foster a connection with your core self, we can help.

The Purpose of IFS Therapy

IFS identifies and addresses various sub-personalities or "parts" within an individual's mental system that carry painful emotions stemming from past experiences. While it was initially developed to treat eating disorders, it is now an evidence-based therapeutic modality used for phobias, panic disorders, anxiety, depression, and chronic physical health conditions. IFS therapy focuses on healing these wounded parts and restoring balance. Through compassionate inquiry and introspection guided by a professional IFS therapist, clients learn to cultivate a harmonious relationship with their inner selves.

Our Approach to IFS Therapy

Too many people have tried therapy in the past only to be let down by a therapist who didn’t take an active interest in their mental health. At Marina Barbosa PsychHealth, we do things differently. Our Internal Family Systems therapist makes an effort to be engaged in every session rather than just passively listening. Many of our satisfied clients have reported that our practice has helped them where others have failed.

The Next Steps

If you are a Washington, D.C. resident who seeks to unlock the transformative power of Internal Family Systems therapy and reconnect with your core self, reach out to Marina Barbosa PsychHealth today. Working with our IFS therapist will bring you the peace and understanding you’re looking for.