Offering Compassionate Therapy for Children in Washington, DC

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At Marina Barbosa PsychHealth, I specialize in providing expert therapy for children in the heart of Washington, DC. As a psychotherapist, I understand the unique challenges families face, and I am here to support your child's mental and emotional well-being.

Why Therapy for Children Matters

Children, like adults, can encounter challenges that impact their mental health. Therapy for children is essential because it:

· Fosters emotional expression – Therapy provides a safe space for children to express and understand their emotions, promoting emotional intelligence.

· Builds coping skills – When children receive counseling, they learn valuable coping skills that help them navigate stress, anxiety, and other challenges they may face.

· Allows for early intervention – If your child is exhibiting unwanted behaviors, therapy is a great place to address these problems early on. This helps to prevent potential long-term emotional and behavioral concerns, setting a positive foundation for the future.

My Approach to Child Therapy

At Marina Barbosa PsychHealth, my child therapy sessions are tailored to the unique needs of each child. I utilize evidence-based approaches that include play therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and art and expressive therapies. I aim to create a warm, inviting space where children feel comfortable expressing themselves and work collaboratively with parents, teachers, and other professionals to provide comprehensive support for children.

Learn More About My Therapy Services for Children

Investing in your child's mental health sets the foundation for a bright future. If you're considering therapy for your child, reach out to Marina Barbosa PsychHealth today. I’ve helped countless families in the metro Washington, DC, area, and I look forward to working with you and your child next.